Breakthrough Story that includes Miracle Gift - Video

KSTP Channel 5 “Minnesota Moment” - February 11, 2019

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Transition Update

Breakthrough has been moving through a period of transition. Below is important information for our volunteers and guests:

  1. We are NO LONGER located at the Historic Wesley Center in downtown Minneapolis. Our new downtown Minneapolis location is being renovated and will be the Breakthrough Equipping Center. Renovation will be completed this summer and will become the hub of ministry for serving and worship in the Twin Cities.

  2. Breakthrough St. Paul is located at 253 State Street, St. Paul MN 55107 and we serve the homeless on Sunday evenings. To volunteer to serve a meal, click this link to signup.

Breakthrough Ministries, Inc.

A Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led nonprofit 501c3 organization.

We are obediently committed to living out our purpose of "advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ" to a world in desperate need of His love through the mission of "The Great Commission."  We carry out the mission through various ministry programs that provide many  opportunities for people (including the Church) to engage in that mission and experience the Kingdom of God first hand.  Our ministry programs are well-organized and our activities are designed to be a blessing by meeting the needs of those we minister as well as volunteers who come to serve.     

Breakthrough Ministries' Programs

Thrive! Family Support

Thrive! Family support seeks to bring hope and restoration to the families
of loved ones struggling with substance abuse or other destructive behaviors by providing resources, support, education, advocacy and healing connections with compassion, understanding and love.

Breakthrough equipping center

Exciting news to come on our new venture in helping to equip those who want to serve God by serving others throughout the world!

Breakthrough St. Paul

Every Sunday, we prepare dinner for 50-120 homeless and poverty-stricken guests. Each one recognizes the pangs of hunger in their belly, but many don’t even know their souls are hungry.

Join us in reaching these hungry souls!

Breakthrough Reach

is the outreach program of Breakthrough Ministries.  It is through the compassion of Jesus that we are led to reach the lost wherever we may find them, regardless of where they might be.  As led by the Holy Spirit, we go on mission and search for people of peace who feel hopeless in their circumstances, and have nobody to turn to for help.

Wild Hearts Adventures

Seeks to reach out to teens and adults who are struggling or have struggled with substance abuse, behavioral issues or other life challenges, giving them a chance to experience the peace, beauty and challenges of God's wilderness and a hope for restoration.